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Quotes from Wanda Sykes

"A woman would pitch a joke. Nothing. Then a guy would pitch it and everybody would laugh."

"Actually, I majored in marketing and I have a bachelor of science."

"Also, Def Jam came along, and everybody was doing it without really practicing or trying to be better comics, just trying to get on TV."

"And then also I think it's harder for women because comedy is so opposite of being ladylike."

"Back then, I was doing more of my impression of what a comic is supposed to do."

"Bush and Cheney have this whole thing where if you talk about America, if you talk about them, then you're anti-American."

"But I think funny and talent will always win out; I mean, of course there are hurdles, but I think if you're funny you will get over all of that."

"But I understand that relationship; I understand how the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law relationship has so many conflicts because it's so forced."

"But sometimes the women writers will pitch something and I'll hear it, but the men will keep talking."

"Don't bother me while I'm eating, or when I'm coming out of the crackhouse or something. Just let me get going."

"I always want to go back and do stand-up; I like the freedom."

"I don't know if it's a woman's tone of voice or training. Maybe guys are like, When I go home, I have to hear it. Right now I'm at work."

"I guess because of my act, people think that I say things they want to say, and that they can just come up and say anything to me."

"I have a funny family, but none of them are remotely in show business."

"I like doing a bunch of different things, being all over the place."

"I love Costas. He's knows too much, but he's a good guy."

"I noticed recently, in the last few shows I did, that I'm starting to get people - not a large group, but quite a few people - who come to see me because they love Curb Your Enthusiasm."

"I sat down and wrote some jokes and went to the talent show, got up on stage, fell in love with it and never turned back."

"I think it's because my comedy is in your face, and it comes from a place that's real."

"I was really gifted at being able to construct a joke, but it's like they weren't even memorable, my first jokes, because they were so about nothing."

"I was working on a couple of projects that would keep me involved in Desert Storm. I was in the mix, which is scary."

"I work hard. The staff and crew see how much energy I put into this project, and it makes them step up."

"I'm a big Cosby fan. I respect the man."

"I'm here today because I hated everything else."

"I'm here today because I refused to be unhappy. I took a chance."

"I'm really funny now."

"If something stinks, I say it stinks. But I try to massage it a little and not be as cutting, come behind it with a joke: Hey, I cut you deep, but now let me put a couple of stitches in you."

"If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it."

"If you're passionate about your work, it makes the people around you want to be involved too."

"In '87, I used to do this awful, awful James Brown impression."

"It seems like when I first started, people got into comedy because they wanted to be good comedians."

"It wasn't until I became more confident with myself and I put myself forward instead of the jokes; at first it was put the jokes out there and I'm just behind the jokes."

"It's easier to rip somebody to shreds while you're making them laugh."

"It's hard to get fired from the government. You have to, like, kill people."

"Men don't hear women."

"Some government workers are dedicated and work hard, but most of them are just waiting to retire."

"The studio gives you a set of notes, and then the network gives you a set of notes. I don't see how anyone does it."

"Then you had people who wanted to get into comedy just to get a TV deal."

"Usually, there's nothing being thrown toward the stage or at me. Then I feel pretty good about it."

"What drives the creative person is that we see it all."

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