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Wacky Bumper Stickers

The following is a compilation of the wildest bumper stickers to ever grace a motor vehicle. If you would like to see a bumper sticker added, please contact us.

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"Karmically challenged."

"Keep granny off the streets, support bingo."

"Keep honking - I'm deaf!"

"Keep honking, I'm reloading."

"Keep working, millions on welfare depend on you."

"Keep your Butt in the your car. The earth is not your ashtray."

"Keep your laws off my body."

"Keep your rosaries off my ovaries"

"Keys in ignition, car left unlocked, purse left on dashboard. Rottweiler on the back seat."

"Kids in the back seat cause accidents; Accidents in the back seat cause kids."

"Kinky is using a feather, perverted is using the whole chicken."

"Klingon Empire Survey Vehicle"

Total Bumper Stickers: 12

All Bumper Stickers in Database: 2093

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Have a Bumper Sticker that's not in our database? Contact Us and we'll add it to the page.