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Chapter 5: Protocol

January 26 at 4:00 PM

Closed Eye - Photo by Sam Mugraby

Photo by Sam Mugraby (

"Are you here to save us?" Her caramel eyes pleaded with me.

"Yeah," I lied.

She buried her head into my chest, soaking me with tears. "Thank God."

I knew the protocol, but I just couldn't do it. No one could know that shadow soldiers lurked in these jungles--the mission be damned.

She pulled away and looked deep into my eyes. "Thank you."

I was so screwed.

No witnesses, that's what they told me. Made me pledge to it on my life. But I wasn't feeling patriotic, especially after numb nuts dropped me onto a concrete slab. "You're welcome," I replied.

Something slammed against the steel grate.

I peeled her off of me, never losing eye contact. "What's down there?"

Her body trembled. She mouthed words, but nothing came out. Perhaps words couldn't describe the horror that lie below.

Then something stopped her cold. Her face was a mirror, and I read it perfectly. I stepped aside, shearing his stomach with my other knife. My swift reflexes surprised him. He fired into his foot, gaping at his intestines as they spilled onto the jungle floor.
I snapped his neck as he fell. Surprisingly he was still alive.

The two exchanged looks. "Do you know this man?" I wiped the blade on my thigh.

"Yes." She took his gun and fired. "He was my captor."

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