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Classic Literature

Mark Twain

Mark Twain



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Short Stories

  • The Dandy Frightening The Squatter (TXT) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Those Extraordinary Twins (TXT) (HTML)

The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories

  • The $30,000 Bequest (TXT) (HTML)
  • A Dog's Tale (TXT) (HTML)
  • Was It Heaven? Or Hell? (TXT) (HTML) (PDF)
  • A Cure for the Blues (TXT) (HTML) (PDF)
  • The Enemy Conquered; or, Love Triumphant (TXT) (HTML)
  • The Californian's Tale (TXT) (HTML)
  • A Helpless Situation (TXT) (HTML)
  • A Telephonic Conversation (TXT) (HTML)
  • Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale (TXT) (HTML)
  • The Five Boons of Life (TXT) (HTML)
  • The First Writing-machines (TXT) (HTML)
  • Italian without a Master (TXT) (HTML)
  • Italian with Grammar (TXT) (HTML)
  • A Burlesque Biography (TXT) (HTML)
  • How to Tell a Story (TXT) (HTML)
  • General Washington's Negro Body-servant (TXT) (HTML)
  • Wit Inspirations of the "Two-year-olds" (TXT) (HTML)
  • An Entertaining Article (TXT) (HTML)
  • A Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury (TXT) (HTML)
  • Amended Obituaries (TXT) (HTML)
  • A Monument to Adam (TXT) (HTML)
  • A Humane Word from Satan (TXT) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Introduction to "The New Guide of the Conversation in Portuguese and English" (TXT) (HTML)
  • Advice for Little Girls (TXT) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Post-mortem Poetry (TXT) (HTML)
  • The Danger of Lying in Bed (TXT) (HTML) (PDF)
  • Portrait of King William III (TXT) (HTML)
  • Does the Race of Man Love a Lord? (TXT) (HTML)
  • Extracts from Adam's Diary (TXT) (HTML)
  • Eve's Diary (TXT) (HTML)

Alonzo Fitz and Other Stories

  • The Loves Of Alonzo Fitz Clarence And Rosannah Ethelton (TXT) (HTML)
  • On The Decay of the Art of Lying (TXT) (HTML) (PDF)
  • About Magnanimous-Incident Literature (TXT) (HTML)
  • Punch, Brothers, Punch (TXT) (HTML)
  • The Great Revolution In Pitcairn (TXT) (HTML)
  • The Canvasser's Tale (TXT) (HTML)
  • An Encounter With An Interviewer (TXT) (HTML)
  • Paris Notes (TXT) (HTML)
  • Legend Of Sagenfeld, In Germany (TXT) (HTML)
  • Speech On The Babies (TXT) (HTML)
  • Speech On The Weather (TXT) (HTML)
  • Concerning The American Language (TXT) (HTML)
  • Rogers (TXT) (HTML)


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