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My Little Pet Dragon

My Little Pet Dragon by S.E. Gordon

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Literary Dynamite by S.E. Gordon

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Literary Dynamite

Literary Dynamite by S.E. Gordon

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Literary Dynamite, A Humorous Short Story

By S.E. Gordon

Literary DynamiteAuthor's Note: Literary Dynamite was originally published in December of 2010. Since that time, the story has been completely overhauled and extended. It is now available as a 99-cent e-book for your Amazon Kindle and includes additional bonus material, including sneak previews of The Key of Neverhence and Vampire Hunters: Prelude.

Here's an excerpt from the light-hearted tale:

Megan Ita stared at the keyboard, wondering if her story had just disappeared in the cracks between the keys. It was a feeling that she knew all too well: the muscles in her throat contracting and making it difficult to breathe, the wheels of her imagination slowing to a crawl. "Must break through!" She banged her head on the keyboard. "It's just one sentence. I can handle one stupid sentence, can't I?" she sniffled, and then cried.

"What's wrong with me? Haven't I done this a thousand times before?" Megan polished off a warm can of Red Bull and wiped the tears from her eyes, hoping to lift the imaginary burden. She shrugged it off, sat up straight in her ragged chair, and cut out the offending line. After reading the narrative again, she slipped it back in and grumbled. "I will defeat you!" she vowed.

After exhausting her arsenal of profanities, Megan took a break, certain that she would outfox the wily sentence. She turned on the oven, and baked herself a batch of chocolate chip cookies, a ritual that surfaced every time she pondered a difficult bit of text. "Not thinking about you right now," she tried to convince herself, but indeed she could not. The pitiful prose hung over her like a cloud, blinding her from the rest of the manuscript. All she needed to do was get her hero out of the tent. "This is ridiculous." She stripped off her bifocals, and rubbed her throbbing head.

And it happened far too often...

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